Kyudo - Japanese Zen Archery

LJ and Jack Stewart, Vermont Kyudo

Jack & Lj Stewart open the Karme Choling
40th Anniversary Celebrations 2010

Kyudo, or The Way of the Bow, is one of many ways or paths that one can practice to attain enlightenment. "In Kyudo, it can take up to ten years just to learn how to hold the yumi (bow).", says Sensei. Kyudo is a committment and practice for a lifetime.

Kyudo focuses on the balance of space between the archer and the target as well as the archer and the equipment. The archer's body and mind come together in an intricate, basic form called Shichido or "seven coordinations" . If done properly, this form brings out the natural dignity of the archer.

Truth, Dignity, Beauty. These are the essence of Kyudo. Truth is the result of the union of technique and intent in the archer. Goodness is seen in the courtesy and dignity of the archer. Beauty can be seen in the equipment, attire and ceremony of Kyudo.

As a contemplative art, Kyudo does not require physical strength and can be practiced by seven year olds or seventy year olds alike. One's never too old to take up "The Way of the Bow".

Vermont Kyudo offers ongoing weekly practice as well as private instruction by appointment. Please visit the Barnet Tradepost Activities Page for our current schedule.

Jack and Lj are also available for demos at select events. Please contact us for more information.

Jack and Laurajean Stewart, Instructors

Heki Ryu Bi Syu Chiku Rin Ha

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