Vermont Kyudo

Jack & Lj Stewart open the Karme Choling
40th Anniversary Celebrations 2010

Jack & Lj Stewart at Karme Choling Family Camp 2014

Various schools of Kyudo have developed over the centuries. Vermont Kyudo practices in the "Heki Ryu Bisshu Chikurin Ha" tradition. This branch of Kyudo places a strong emphasis on Kyudo as a form of meditation rather than sport. Rather than looking to the target, the practitioner looks inward. The target is a mirror and, if the heart is open and in balance with the technique, the arrow will reach the target.

Lj Stewart began her practice of Kyudo in 1994 after a long search for a "moving meditation". In awe of the simultaneous balance of tension vs relaxation, and the metaphor for which Kyudo practice translates into everyday life, Lj became a Kyudo Instructor in the "Heki Ryu Bisshu Chikurin Ha" Kyudo Lineage in 1998. She was named to this position by Kanjuro Shibata Sensei XX of Kyoto, Japan, the official bowmaker and archer to the Japanese Imperial Family at that time. Lj continues to practice and teach Kyudo, and is honored to help perpetuate Zen Archery teachings in the West. Lj has also spent time with the Shibata Family in Kyoto, at the invitation of the current Kanjuro Shibata XXI.

Jack Stewart first became interested in Kyudo in 1987 and began practicing in the Samurai or warrior style. The following year, he received his first yumi (bow) as a gift from his children. In 1989, upon learning that Kanjuro Shibata, Sensei, was teaching in Vermont, Jack started to study with Sensei in the formal court style of Heki Ryu Bisshu Chikurin Ha. In 1992, Jack assisted in the building of the Matoba Azuchi, the outdoor Kyudo target range, at Karme Choling in Barnet, VT.

Jack and Lj Stewart are available for Kyudo demonstrations at select events. Please call or email for information.

Jack and Laurajean Stewart, Instructors

Heki Ryu Bi Syu Chiku Rin Ha

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